Why Barker

The Barker Group consists of five divisions.


Barker Laundry, Barker Dry Cleaning, Barker Collars, Barker Bridal and The Barker Collection.


Barker Laundry combines the latest in laundry technology with a century of experience to provide the ultimate crisply laundered finish to bed and table linens.  Barker Laundry assists many of the countries finest homes and leading families providing bespoke laundry services not only for bed linen and table linen but also for fine dress wear.


Barker Dry Cleaning has six branches in Dorset and Hampshire, providing dry cleaning and laundry services for local residents as well as a local collection and delivery service. A central dry cleaning plant also provides bespoke dry cleaning services to the growing number of laundry clients throughout central southern England and Greater London.


Experts in Laundering Fine Linens since 1861


Barker has become a well-received British heritage brand; steeped in English history and rich in tradition which means the art of linen care has been gained, nurtured and passed on to the present generation.  As you can imagine, they have become experts in bed linen because they have been caring for it since 1861. With over five thousand customers, including the elite of British society, they were extremely proud to have been awarded a Royal Warrant for laundry services to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales whom they have been looking after for some years now, along with other Royal family members, Hoteliers and British Dignitaries’.


By being part of the laundering process, Barker have become increasingly aware of the need and demand for superior quality bedding that’s simply not provided for in the current market place. They have also learnt that the consumer launders the new product before sleeping in it.  They say they are washing out the residue of the manufacturing process! And if Barker can provide the customer with new, superior quality bed linen that’s going to perform well, that is then freshly laundered, saving them valuable time then Barker are ultimately adding real value that’s unique to the market.


Matthew Barker, Managing Director of the Barker Group, says that when it comes to bed linens there are many inferior products on the market that simply don’t perform well during the laundering process. This he believes has been due in part to the increasing cost of cotton as well as consumer and commercial suppliers cutting the quality in order to retain or even improve their margins.


Barker set out on a quest to launch a new collection of superior bed linen and source the best quality cotton. Research has taken Barker around the globe, where the secrets have been gained to create the perfect product. By understanding and deconstructing the process behind the creation of fine quality woven cotton and tailored bed linen Barker were able to determine the quality of the products chosen to bring to the market. All Barker bed linen fulfils the high standards as the company has become involved with the cotton growers, spinners and weavers and undertakes their own tailoring in the same region.


The result is a high quality, fully traceable, controlled and vertically aligned manufacturing process that Barker believes does not exist anywhere else in the world. Tried and tested, Barker then compares the performance when laundering so that only the very best quality products qualify to join The Barker Collection.


Barker Collars is world renowned for supplying and re-starching the very best finished stiff collars.




They are the only service that continues to use traditional methods and carefully guard their ‘secret art’ when it comes to collar care. Laundering in excess of sixty thousand stiff collars every year including turndown collars, wing collars, and straight (imperial) collars. In addition to the exceptional collar service, Barker launder and starch dress shirts, ‘Marcella’ waistcoats as well as white ties and other specialist accessories.

Clients include Royalty, Military, Barristers and other Gentry.  They also provide the services for costume dramas, for Theatre, TV and Feature Films, such as Downton Abbey, Mr Selfridge, Inspector Poirot and Titanic, amongst others.  In summary, if you see it on the screen the bottom dollar is that Barkers have provided it.



Barker Bridal provides an unparalleled service when it comes to caring for precious bridal gowns and other bridal wear.  Carefully dry-cleaned, treasured garments are treated with respect and then perfectly packaged in hand made presentation boxes whilst being preserved in acid free tissue; a keepsake to remind you of your special day.