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With successful hoteliers understanding the crucial role that linens play in making a favorable impression,  a well presented bed with fine linen plays an increasingly important role in meeting the requirements of discerning customers and is key to helping businesses to differentiate themselves in the UK’s competitive hospitality sector, particularly in the high-end, luxury market.
High quality and a brand experience that reflects high standards


Many hoteliers now believe a well dressed and comfortable bed is one of the most effective ways to communicate the standards of their establishment to the guest and so this has become the focal point of the room.  It has become a trend to invest in branded bedding, choosing a brand that supports their ‘high quality and high standard’ message.  Alternatively, some are choosing to monogram bedding with their unique emblem to present their own uniquely branded sleeping experience.

Aesthetically pleasing – Colour and Style


Whilst white is still the most popular colour for bed linen, many hotels are adding splashes of colour with throws and cushions, this applies especially to boutique and pop up hotels, which are trying to distinguish themselves from the popular chains. Many hotels are looking to invest more in bed linen and filled products to offer guests an experience that differs from what they would usually get in more traditional hotel rooms.
Crisp, freshly laundered and durable


With the popularity of social media and the likes of Trip Advisor, customers are able to rate and share their experiences instantaneously, so whether good or bad, each review is now highly influencing. Therefore it’s understandable that first impressions are becoming more and more important. If the guest’s experience of linen is not consistently excellent, then the reputation of the whole establishment is put at risk.


Recent research conducted amongst hotel customers nationwide has shown that almost two-thirds of those questioned give the quality of towels and bedding as a factor that directly affects their decision as to whether they would return to a hotel. Ninety-six percent of hotel guests also said that cleanliness was a priority for bed linen, expecting a fresh smell and crisp feel.  Not surprisingly, women were more likely to notice the cleanliness of towels and sheets in hotel rooms and were more likely to find dirty and poor quality sheets and towels an issue.

Why choose The Barker Collection


So when it comes to buying bed linens for commercial use, it not only has to be aesthetically pleasing, beautifully tailored, indulgently cozy and welcoming, but most importantly, it needs to be durable and perform well during the laundering process.  Therefore the Barker brand plays well to the needs of the hotelier, as all the bed linen sets within the Barker Collection are Hotel quality. Tried and tested, with every range undergoing the ‘Barker performance test’. You can be rest assured that our bedding sets will be of superior quality, highly durable and perform well when laundered. After all, we have decades of experience in laundering and caring for the finest bed linen.


It’s important to mention that when it comes to the Barker collections of fine linens, the very same cotton bed linen (from the same seeds, farm and process) has been rigorously tested by a World-renowned Luxury London hotel and compared with other manufacturers products. It is now the only cotton bed linen used at the establishment and is increasingly being used by some of the finest 5 star hotels across the world.
Barker offers bespoke bedding, plus a monogramming service along with commercial packages and pricing for hospitality clients. Plus extremely competitive rates for collaborative branding opportunities.


Whilst The Barker Collection hospitality range is designed for ease of use and long life, much of the housekeepers work can be affected by the quality of washing, finishing and folding by the laundry. However The Barker Collection range is designed to assist this with accurate tailoring to minimize distortion in the finishing process. Added to this, Pillow case style envelope closures can be chosen instead of buttons on the duvet covers which speed up housekeeping. The care taken in the design and manufacturing of bed linens along with the quality of fabric used in The Barker Collection range can save thousands of pounds in lifetime care and use.


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